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Private Zoom 
One hour with the Sawyers
Get to know the Sawyers on a personal level and experience an hour of lighthearted humor and true inspiration.  Hear about the unique, mystical experiences which led them to their spiritual awakening.  This is your chance to....
  • Ask questions and discuss your personal life's journey. 

  • Experience a loving atmosphere of non-judgment and healing.

  • Receive intuitive messages of comfort and confirmation.

  • Receive an imparted blessing of Christ’s Presence.


Sessions are informal and spontaneous dialogue which starts with a casual introduction and light conversation that will progress into a more spiritual and interactive discussion.  As the hour comes to an end, you will be given an opportunity to share any last thoughts.  The session ends with the Sawyers performing an impartation of blessing.

Scheduling and Fees:                  

A donation of $50 is appreciated.  Please note:  Your private zoom will not be scheduled until your donation has been received.  Donations may be made through Paypal and are nonrefundable.  Donate Now and Email Us to Schedule Your Private Zoom.  If for any reason, you are unable to donate, please inform the Sawyers so that they can assist you in obtaining your private zoom. 


In the event that you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us by email at least 24 hours before scheduled meeting.  We will schedule an alternative time for your private zoom.



The Sawyers are requesting that you write a brief paragraph explaining how the private conversation was of benefit to you.  Please be advised that this testimonial may be used on the Cornerstone Life Center Facebook page and/or website.  


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