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Sacred Contracts (Part 1)

From the desk of Pastor & CoPastor

The sacred contract is the pre-earth agreement that you collaborated with God before coming to earth. Your contract includes every aspect of your life on earth as a human being. In the biblical narrative in Genesis, God entered into a contractual agreement with man whicf was very specific. In that contractual agreement, there were laws of God to which they were expected to come subject. These laws or rules were given to govern and maintain the flow of energy and life. In each individual contract, there are sub-clauses. The Ten Commandments would be considered sub-clauses to the original agreement. The Bible itself was given as a sub-clause as God made other covenants with those Noah, Abraham, Adam before the sacred text was given. Compliance with the terms of the agreement yielded great benefits and made them eligible for certain miracles of intervention.

Just as God made agreements with those who came before us, He has made a pre-earth agreement with us. A great percentage of our pre-earth agreement is revealed through self-discovery and may be revealed in detail through your intuition. These mutually agreed upon contracts are very detailed in that they cover the very theme of your earthly existence. Jeremiah 1:5 (New International Version) "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations." Before you were conceived, God knew you.

While most of us do not have every detail of our contract revealed all at once, we can, through self-discovery receive clues which is necessary to keep us progressing toward our life's mission. Your sacred contract includes the following:

1. What you will have to master while on earth.

2. The opportunities and choices that should be exercised.

3. The timeframe to exercise these options (allotted time to accomplish your life's mission)

4. The benefits as you raise your conscious awareness (passing certain tests leads to freedom and blessings.

5. Requirements and responsibilities needed for progressive development.

6. Consequences due to accumulation of karmic debt due to poor choices.

7. Mutual agreements made with other souls.

a. Agreements to come and play certain roles.

b. Joined in a desire to work as a team for a common cause or mission.

c. Joined as soul mates for the purpose of assisting each other in awakening and working together for evolutionary progress.

Instruction and guidance is given whenever there is a deviation from the plan or when there is a need to review the contract as a refresher or re-alignment with Source Energy (God). No guidance is given outside of the agreements made in our divine mind prior to our coming into the earth plane. Guidance only includes clues that will serve to reveal to us what we are to master while on earth, whether the choices made will take us in the right direction, what time we have left to reach our potential, when we are in a test or trial that is supposed to cause us to awaken to a new level of consciousness, what we must realize to move forward, when we are racking up karmic debt or clearing it and when there is a reason for someone to be in our life and what their role is.

To be continued.....

By: Dr. Antoinette Sawyer

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